Brian Mast amassing money for re-election bid

Rep. Brian Mast

U.S. Rep. Brian Mast, R-Palm City, figures to have a tough re-election battle.

He’s already drawn one opponent, former U.S. Navy attorney Pam Keith, and another formidable candidate, State Attorney Dave Aronberg, is rumored to be considering a run.

If they get in, they better have some generous supporters.

The Mast campaign will report raisingĀ $734,000 this quarter, bring its total so far to over $1.1 million.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reported that its internal polling shows Mast to be vulnerable, but the U.S. Army veteran said he’s not worried.

“While national democrats desperately dump money into the 18th District with lies to undermine Brian mast’s service to our country, people obviously aren’t buying it,” Mast spokesman Brad Stewart said. “With 92 percent of all donations being small dollar and a median donation of $25, it’s clearer than ever that there is a broad grassroots enthusiasm for Brian’s agenda to upend the status quo in Washington and restore fiscal sanity to our country.”


Murphy’s new TV spot targets November — and Rubio

New Murphy ad aims at November election
New Murphy ad aims at November election

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy went up Wednesday with his latest TV ad — this one aimed at the November election — even as two of his primary opponents are challenging him to more debates.

Murphy’s TV spot rips Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio for his shoddy attendance record in Washington and promises Floridians, “I’ll never stop working for you.”

Murphy, a two-term Jupiter congressman, has his own problems with work. Media stories show he’s inflated his business background and goosed his academic credentials.

But Rubio missed more votes than any member of the Senate during his unsuccessful run for the Republican presidential nomination, which Murphy’s ad seeks to underscore.

Still, there’s an Aug. 30 primary Murphy has to clear. And two of his Democratic opponents, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando and Pam Keith of Miami, an attorney and former naval officer, are teaming up today to call for more pre-primary debates.

Grayson and Keith plan to hold a news conference at the Palm Beach County Courthouse.

So far, the only debate scheduled is Aug. 12 and broadcast locally on Orlando’s WFTF-TV Channel 9. Only Murphy and Grayson have been invited to participate, sparking criticism from Florida NOW and the state’s Democratic Progressive Caucus, who are calling for Keith to be included.