Another “Trump Divorce” in the offing?

Dave and Lynn Aronberg at a New Year’s Eve celebration at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion.

The divorce of Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg from former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Lynn Aronberg isn’t the only one being blamed, in part, on President Donald Trump.

Multiple news reports Friday indicated that the wife of the president’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, has filed for divorce citing, among other things, their differing views of Trump.

The news reports quote people supposedly close to Deidre Scaramucci saying she loathes Trump.

In his first press conference as communications director, Scaramucci said – many, many times – that he loves the president.

A press statement released by a media company that employs Lynn Aronberg was headlined: “Dave and Lynn Aronberg Sign Amicable Divorce Settlement Putting and End to What Some Were Calling The Trump Divorce.”

Dave Aronberg is a Democrat. The statement described Lynn Aronberg as “a staunch Republican and supporter of President Donald Trump” who “said she felt increasingly isolated in the marriage.”

Brian Mast amassing money for re-election bid

Rep. Brian Mast

U.S. Rep. Brian Mast, R-Palm City, figures to have a tough re-election battle.

He’s already drawn one opponent, former U.S. Navy attorney Pam Keith, and another formidable candidate, State Attorney Dave Aronberg, is rumored to be considering a run.

If they get in, they better have some generous supporters.

The Mast campaign will report raising $734,000 this quarter, bring its total so far to over $1.1 million.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reported that its internal polling shows Mast to be vulnerable, but the U.S. Army veteran said he’s not worried.

“While national democrats desperately dump money into the 18th District with lies to undermine Brian mast’s service to our country, people obviously aren’t buying it,” Mast spokesman Brad Stewart said. “With 92 percent of all donations being small dollar and a median donation of $25, it’s clearer than ever that there is a broad grassroots enthusiasm for Brian’s agenda to upend the status quo in Washington and restore fiscal sanity to our country.”


Powell: Clergy and I will challenge allegations by Steinger

Steinger, Powell
Steinger, Powell

State Senate District 30 candidate Michael Steinger’s call for an investigation into possible improprieties in mail-in ballots has sparked a harsh rebuke from his opponent, State Rep. Bobby Powell, D-West Palm Beach, as well as the president of the Palm Beach County Clergy Alliance and the chair of the Florida Black Legislative Caucus.

Powell said late Thursday that he will hold a public event Friday morning “with a group of concerned clergy and community members to respond to recent racist statements” he says Steinger made Tuesday in his formal complaint to Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher.

A source had said Monday that Palm Beach County elections officials did receive mail-in ballot requests in areas associated with the Palm Beach County Commission District 7 and State House District 88 races whose signatures don’t appear to match those on file. Parts of the districts in those two races overlap State Senate District 30.

“Participation among African-American voters understandably increases when someone from their community is on the ballot,” State Sen. Geraldine F. Thompson, D-Orlando, said in a statement supplied by Powell’s campaign. “Members of those communities are no more prone to fraudulent behavior than any others which Michael Steinger appears not to understand and appreciate.”

And Nicholas T. O’Neal, president of the clergy alliance, wrote late Wednesday to Steinger about what O’Neal called his “insincere, racist, derogatory, offensive insult on the Black community in the new district 30, which you seek to represent,” adding, “I implore you to apologize to the black community.”

Steinger replied late Thursday that “while allegations of voter fraud were being reported in the local media prior to my request for a State Attorney review, Bobby Powell did nothing to welcome and encourage the same level of transparency in Senate District 30.  This is not about a race issue, this is about a fairness and transparency issue to make sure that everyone can participate properly and every vote counts. The statistics can be verified with the Supervisor of Elections and the data suggests that the large number of absentee requests from voters in a one week period warrants caution in a county where similar patterns are being investigated.”