Voter turnout has already topped 1 million for Florida’s Aug. 28 primaries

A line outside an early voting site in 2016. For this year’s Aug. 28 primaries, more than 162,000 Floridians have cast ballots at early voting sites and more than 861,000 have voted by mail. (Richard Graulich/The Palm Beach Post)

Sometime over the weekend, the number of Florida voters who have cast ballots for the Aug. 28 primaries passed the 1 million mark.

Statistics released by the Florida Division of Elections this morning show 862,452 voters have mailed in ballots and 162,631 have voted at in-person early voting sites.

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This year’s early and mail-in turnout will likely exceed the advance voting turnout for the August primaries in 2014, the last midterm election year. Four years ago, 1.2 million voters cast ballots before the primary election day and about 900,000 people voted on the traditional election day.

In 2016, the August primaries drew 1.8 million early and mail-in voters and about 1.1 million voters on the traditional election day.

Among those who have voted so far this year, 46.5 percent are Republicans and 41.3 percent are Democrats.

Republicans have turned in 402,881 vote-by-mail ballots, compared to 344,753 Democratic mail-in ballots.

Early voting, which began last Monday in Palm Beach County and some other counties but didn’t go statewide until Saturday, has drawn 78,656 Democrats and 73,092 Republicans.

In Palm Beach County, 37,857 voters have cast mail-in ballots and 15,485 have voted early.

Author: George Bennett

George Bennett has been a Palm Beach Post reporter since 1992. He grew up in Bethesda, Md. and is a graduate of The George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @gbennettpost

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