3 references in SNL skit shows Mar-a-Lago a household name

You know you’re a household name when it’s part of the punch line in a Saturday Night Live opening skit.

Last Saturday night, and live from New York, President Donald Trump‘s southern White House got three mentions in the opening skit featuring Alec Baldwin as Trump and Beck Bennett as Mike Pence.

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President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago on Friday. (Doug Mills/New York Times)

With Baldwin seated in an Oval office-looking set, and Bennett standing to his left, the exchange went like this:

Baldwin (Trump): Anyway, like I was saying, so many memories in this room. This is where I met with the Chinese president.

Bennett (Pence): That was at Mar-a-Lago sir.

Baldwin (Trump): Wait, this is where I ordered the Syrian strike.

Bennett (Pence): That was also at Mar-a-Lago, sir.

Baldwin (Trump): This is where I showed classified information to the Japanese prime minister.

Bennett (Pence): That was in front a bunch of waiters at Mar-a-Lago sir.

With the president’s frequent visits, expect Mar-a-Lago to get more than these 15 seconds of fame in last week’s opening skit.

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