Florida electors stick with Trump; Clinton sees defections elsewhere

Hillary Clinton supporter Mauria Roche of Lakeland (center) says many Bernie Sanders supporters didn't work hard for Clinton in Florida.
Hillary Clinton supporter Mauria Roche of Lakeland (center) says many Bernie Sanders supporters didn’t work hard for Clinton in Florida.

TALLAHASSEE — “Faithless electors” turned out to be a bigger problem for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump on Monday as Electoral College members met here and in other state capitals to put a stamp of constitutional formality on Trump’s Nov. 8 presidential election win.


Despite an aggressive lobbying campaign to get Republican electors to dump Trump, all 29 of Florida’s electors supported the part-time Palm Beach resident on Monday. So did 275 of 277 other Republican electors around the U.S.


The only GOP defections came in Texas, where 36 votes went to Trump but Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Rep. Ron Paul also got one vote apiece.


Democratic electors, meanwhile, were far more rebellious.


In Washington, four of the state’s 12 Democratic electors strayed from Clinton. Three cast their ballots for retired Gen. (and Republican) Colin Powell and a fourth voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, an elder of the Yankton Sioux. A Democratic elector in Hawaii voted for Bernie Sanders rather than Clinton.


In addition to the five faithless Democratic electors, three other Democrats tried to join them but were thwarted. A Democratic elector in Maine tried to vote for Sanders rather than Clinton, but his ballot was ruled out of order. A Democratic elector in Colorado was replaced after he tried to vote for Kasich rather than Clinton. A Democratic elector in Minnesota was also replaced after trying to vote for Sanders.


The Sanders factor remains a sore spot with some Clinton supporters.


Mauria Roche of Lakeland came to the Florida Capitol to urge Republican electors to break with Trump. She and her husband and son heaped criticism on Trump, but Mauria Roche also had some pointed words for Sanders’ supporters.


“We worked on the campaign and one of the main reasons I saw for the lack of completion in Florida (was that) so many Bernie Sanders workers worked in the Hillary campaign and they un-worked. They even were complaining to me that their buddies were un-working worse than they were,” Roche said.


“They were paid lots of money and they did nothing. And we were not paid, we were volunteers, and we worked harder than they did and went the distance. That was a huge issue because so many of the African-Americans wanted to be wooed and the Bernie Bros would not do it,” Roche said.




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