Scott takes on new role with Trump — fund-raiser



After endorsing Donald Trump and even being talked of — briefly — as a possible running mate, Florida Gov. Rick Scott will now play a new role for the Republican presidential nominee:


Scott has been named national chairman of the Rebuilding America Now SuperPAC, organized to spend in support of Trump. The Trump campaign is facing a huge fund-raising disadvantage against Democrat Hillary Clinton, who is set to take the stage tonight at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

In announcing his new role, Scott drew a parallel between his own political life and that of Trump — a similarity that he has used before.

“I’ve known Donald for about 20 years, long before either of us ever ran for office. He is a businessman and an outsider and he will bring the major change to Washington that our country needs right now.
“Donald’s race is also a lot like my race for Governor. No one said I had a chance of beating the career politicians when I ran, but I won anyway. We are going to win this presidential race, too.”
The SuperPAC has raised $2.1 million, and spent $1.5 million, records show, and has a TV spot up in Florida this week. Melissa Stone, a Scott adviser, didn’t immediately respond to questions about what duties the governor may take on with his new fund-raiser role.
Scott’s new post did draw some attention Thursday in Philadelphia, though.
Former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean took on Trump and Scott’s partnership at a breakfast with Florida delegates.
 “Donald Trump is a Neanderthal nincompoop and so is Rick Scott,” Dean said. “Donald Trump is a guy who made a lot of money at everybody else’s expense and so is Rick Scott. Pretty good match, I would say.”

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