Rick Kozell slams Rebecca Negron’s ‘sweetheart’ deal 7 times in 90 seconds

Rick Kozell and Rebecca Negron at a League of Women Voters forum on Wednesday.
Rick Kozell and Rebecca Negron at a League of Women Voters forum on Wednesday.

For the second time in three days, Republican congressional candidate Rick Kozell used a candidate forum to blast GOP primary rival Rebecca Negron for accepting more than $86,000 from contributors linked to a company that benefitted from legislation pushed by her husband in Tallahassee.


Kozell called it a “sweetheart deal.”


In fact, in a virtuoso display of message discipline, Kozell used “sweetheart” as an adjective seven times in 90 seconds during a St. Lucie County League of Women Voters forum on Wednesday. (The spree begins around the 1:05:00 mark on the video.)



Kozell mentioned “sweetheart dealmaking,” “sweetheart deals,” “sweetheart deal,” “sweetheart legislation,” “sweetheart deal proceeds,” “sweetheart dealmaking” and “sweetheart deal proceeds” to describe the $86,200 Negron received at the end of March from contributors linked to MCNA Dental. The checks rolled in after her husband, state Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, sponsored a bill — favored by dentists and passed with overwhelming bipartisan support — that opens the door for Florida to implement a Medicaid prepaid dental health program for children in 2019.


Kozell made similar accusations at a news conference last week and at a forum on Monday night in Stuart.


Rebecca Negron dismissed Kozell’s accusations.


“I am honored to have the support of people in my community and the people who have contributed to my campaign…I’m very honored to have a grass-roots support,” she said.


As to all the “sweetheart” accusations, she said, “I am also a very principled conservative, will not be beholden to anyone and have made no promises to anyone.”


She also pointed to her service on the Martin County school board.


“You can ask anybody who has observed those meetings, they know I am a principled conservative and stand for what is right,” Negron said.




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