Democrat Randy Perkins launches TV ad in race for Patrick Murphy House seat

Democratic congressional candidate Randy Perkins has launched the TV phase of his campaign with a 30-second spot highlighting his rags-to-riches biography.


Democrat Randy Perkins in his new TV ad.
Democrat Randy Perkins in his new TV ad.

Perkins has drawn fire from Democratic primary foe Jonathan Chane for not appearing at candidate forums in Palm Beach-Treasure Coast District 18. But he’ll be on TV sets in the swing district, where three Democrats, six Republicans and an independent are hoping to replace Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, who’s running for Senate.


Perkins built a lawn mowing business into a multimillion-dollar disaster recovery enterprise.


I am so tired of hearing politicians say ‘If you work hard you can achieve the American dream.’ What are we telling the American people — that they’re not working hard enough? It’s Congress, that’s who’s not working hard enough. I’m going to get Congress working hard for the American people,” Perkins says in the ad.





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