Florida Democrats continue push for special session on no-fly, no-buy

Florida Democrats seeking special session on no-fly, no-buy
Florida Democrats seeking special session on no-fly, no-buy

Florida Democratic lawmakers continued to push Tuesday for a special legislative session in the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre to ban people on the federal “no-fly” or terrorist watch list from obtaining weapons.

Sen. Darren Soto, an Orlando Democrat campaigning for Congress, and Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Coral Springs, said that 46 Democratic members of the House and Senate have certified the need for a special session, a procedural move that sets in motion a poll of all member, conducted by the Florida Secretary of State’s office.

If 60 percent of each chamber agrees, a special session would be set. It’s a longshot, though. Republicans have overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate and so far, leaders have shown no interest in a special session.

The U.S. Senate recently rejected a similar no-fly, no-buy proposal — just as they did last December. Omar Mateen, the ISIS-supporting shooter in the Orlando massacre, formerly was on the terrorist watch list.

“Nothing would change for one single law-abiding citizen or NRA member who wants to buy a gun,” Moskowitz said.

“They would be able to do so without any change in the way that happens now so long as they are not a suspected terrorist. But for the safety of this nation, for the safety of our people in Florida, we have to close this breach in our nation’s security, shut this loophole that threatens our safety, with or without Washington’s help,” he added.


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