Beruff stings Rubio on (no) Zika virus funding

carlos beruff announcement

Carlos Beruff

With Gov. Rick Scott in West Palm Beach today talking with experts about the Zika virus, his friend, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carlos Beruff, also has a few ideas.

About rival Marco Rubio. And why Congress still has not settled on funding for states like Florida looking to combat Zika’s spread.

“Marco’s had a lot to say on the subject – giving floor speeches and reiterating talking points during interviews – and yet Floridians still haven’t seen a dime from the federal government to help combat this threat,” Beruff’s campaign said in a statement.

Gov. Scott to spend state dollars on zika virus
Gov. Scott to spend state dollars on zika virus

New York and Florida are the states leading the nation with the most cases of the Zika virus, all travel-related.

While Florida has more than 200 cases, on Tuesday state health officials reported the first baby born with microencephaly, an abnormally small head and developmental issues that can occur when a pregnant woman becomes infected with the virus.

The child’s mother contracted the illness in Haiti, said officials, who have not identified where the family lives in Florida.

Scott last week approved spending $26.2 million of state funds on fighting Zika, while the state awaits federal action.

“Carlos commends Gov. Scott’s efforts to step in and provide funding that will protect Florida families and unborn children who are most vulnerable to Zika, but Floridians are sick of Washington not doing its part,” said Joanna Rodriguez, a Beruff spokeswoman.

Beruff’s blast at Rubio, though, contrasts with what he said in a May 11 press release — more than a month before the Republican senator reversed and announced he was running for re-election.

Rubio, at the time, was pushing for Congress to support President Obama’s $1.9 billion proposal to finance Zika-fighting efforts.

“Congress must listen to Gov. Scott and Sen. Rubio and act
immediately to ensure that Florida has the resources it needs to
prevent and treat this disease,” Beruff said last month.

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