Vets backing Clinton go on offensive against Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

While Donald Trump went on the defensive Tuesday, outlining details on steering $5.6 million to veterans’ charities, the Hillary Clinton campaign kept up its offensive on the the presumptive Republican nominee.

The Clinton campaign gathered three retired Florida veterans to ridicule Trump’s record and cast doubts about his ability to lead the nation’s military.

Gene Kendall, a former Navy rear admiral, called Trump “a loose cannon,” who was forced to hold a news conference Tuesday mainly to blunt media questions about whether he had shared the millions he claimed to raise at a January event in Iowa.

“It wasn’t something he did willingly, you can be rest assured of that,” Kendall said.

Trump said at his New York news conference that the money promised in Iowa has been distributed, blaming the delay on the need to screen the groups receiving the funds.

Trump said he gave money to various veterans’ charities, including Hope for the Warriors, Homes for Our Troops, the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust and K9s for Warriors. The largest contribution Trump listed was $1.1 million to the Marine Corps–Law Enforcement Foundation.

That didn’t ease criticism from Clinton supporters.

Elena McCullough, a Coast Guard veteran, called it a “phony fund-raiser on behalf of veterans.”

“We can’t afford to have a person like Donald Trump in charge of our armed forces,” added former Air Force Brigadier General John Douglass of Cocoa Beach.

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