Countdown to Election Day 2016: What you need to know today


Tracking the campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


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It’s Election Day. Who will win? It’s all about the map.

Right now, 12 states are battlegrounds, meaning they are either toss-ups or one candidate leads by a vulnerable margin. How these 12 states vote will help decides the winner tonight. Below are the last polls revealed in 10 of those states. Notice that Clinton is leading in almost all the surveys, but that lead has shrunk in the past week. The reason for the suspense, then, is whether Trump will carry enough momentum into today’s voting to overtake Clinton in those states.


  • Quinnipiac: Clinton +1
  • Gravis: Clinton +1
  • Trafalgar Group: Trump +4
  • Opinion Savvy: Clinton +2


  • Emerson: Trump +7

North Carolina

  • NY Times/Siena: Tie
  • Quinnipiac: Clinton +2
  • Gravis: Clinton +1


  • Christopher Newport Univ.: Clinton +6
  • Hampton University: Clinton +4
  • Gravis: Clinton +5


  • Emerson: Clinton +1Remington Research:  Trump +1

New Mexico

  • Zia Poll: Clinton +2
  • Gravis: Clinton +8

New Hampshire

  • Emerson: Clinton +1


  • Gravis: Clinton +5
  • Trafalgar Group (R): Trump +2


  • Emerson: Trump +6


  • Landmark/Rosetta Stone: Trump +3

Which brings us to …

THE MAP: The red, the purple and the blue

The map below offers a visual breakdown of states that are pretty much in the blue camp and the red camp. The purple states are the ones that are either toss-ups or those that one candidate is hoping to steal from the other.

Real Clear Politics  last poll puts the electoral count at:

  • Clinton: 203 electoral votes
  • Trump: 164 electoral votes
  • Toss-ups or still within reach of a candidate: 171

A candidate must have 270 electoral votes to win.



  • Clinton leads Trump by 2.5 points, according to the Real Clear Politics average of most state and national polls. Clinton has 46.8 percent of voter support compared to Trump’s 44.3 percent.
  • Forecasts still show Clinton winning the election. FiveThirtyEight shows Clinton with a 65.5 percent chance of winning the election, while Trump has a 34.5 percent chance of victory.

Just remember: The national vote total does not determine the winner. It all comes down to the state-by-state results.


More than 6.4 million Florida voters have cast ballots for Tuesday’s election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with Democrats so far casting 87,249 more ballots than Republicans, according to the state Division of Elections.

Through Sunday — the final day of in-person early voting — 2,558,072 Democrats had voted in person or through the mail in Florida, which was 39.85 percent of all ballots cast.



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