Clinton’s narrow lead deleted in Florida — turning into toss-up again since email questions renewed

Trump, Clinton
Trump, Clinton

Florida is a toss-up again in the presidential race, with Democrat Hillary Clinton losing some ground since an FBI letter to Congress renewed her email controversy, a Quinnipiac University poll showed Wednesday.

The survey showed Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump 46-45 percent, within the poll’s 3.9 percent margin-of-error. When the school released its last survey on Oct. 17, it showed Clinton up 48-44 percent on Trump.

F.B.I. director James B. Comey sent a letter to Congress last week informing members he had received a new cache of emails that could be “pertinent” to its previous investigation of the former secretary of state having classified material on her private email server.

The Quinnipiac poll surveyed 626 likely Florida voters from last Thursday into Tuesday.

Trump leads Clinton 46-40 percent among independent voters in Florida, Quinnipiac found.

Clinton is ahead 48-42 percent among Floridians who have already cast ballots in early voting, the survey said.

“Racial patterns are clearly evident in the Florida voting. Hillary Clinton is getting about a third of whites in Florida, to Trump’s 58 percent. Non-whites, however, break strongly for her,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

The poll looked at Florida and three other big swing states. With the exception of Pennsylvania, where Clinton holds a strong lead, the presidential race is drum-tight, the poll showed.

-North Carolina: Clinton at 48 percent to Trump’s 46 percent;
-Ohio: Trump at 47 percent to Clinton’s 44 percent;
-Pennsylvania: Clinton leads Trump 50 – 44 percent.

“No one has been elected president since 1960 without carrying two of the key swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. And, this year, North Carolina has been added to the mix. All four of these key states remain close entering the final days,” Brown added.


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