Scott steers another $25 million toward Zika — this time for research

Gov. Rick Scott spending more on Zika fight.

Gov. Rick Scott spending more on Zika fight.

Gov. Rick Scott steered another $25 million in state funds toward the Zika virus Thursday — this time toward research and development of a vaccine and improved testing methods.

Scott has already put $36.2 million from the state treasury into fighting the virus, while Congress remains deadlocked over aid to the states.

“I have traveled multiple times to Washington this year to meet with Congressional leaders to tell them how urgent this need is,” said Scott, who wrote a piece for USA Today condemning Congress’ inaction.

“Yet, despite endless claims of support from those within both parties, nothing has been done. Every minute that passes that Congress doesn’t approve funding means more time is lost from researching this virus. For the sake of our state’s future children, this is time we cannot afford to waste.”

The Florida Department of Health will oversee the grant process to distribute Zika vaccine research funding, Scott said, with more details released in coming days.


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