Bush adviser Sally Bradshaw leaves GOP over Trump

Sally BradshawIn another sign that Donald Trump hasn’t won over Republicans in the Bush family orbit, longtime Jeb Bush adviser Sally Bradshaw said Monday that she has left the GOP and registered as an independent voter.

Bradshaw  helped steer Bush’s presidential campaign, which spent about $150 million before fizzling without winning a single state. She also managed two of his runs for governor in Florida.

For his part, Bush, too, also earlier said he won’t vote for either Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Bradshaw, who began her career working for President George H.W. Bush, is echoing a similar sentiment.

“This is a time when country has to take priority over political parties. Donald Trump cannot be elected president,” Bradshaw told CNN in an email to national correspondent Jamie Gangel, known for her gentle interviews with Bush family members.

She added: “I’ve been considering the switch for months. Ultimately, I could not abide the hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump and his complete lack of principles and conservative philosophy,” she said. “I didn’t make this decision lightly — I have worked hard to make our party a place where all would feel welcome. But Trump has taken the GOP in another direction, and too many Republicans are standing by and looking the other way.”

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