Rudy Giuliani says Jeb Bush should get past ‘ego’ and support Donald Trump

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks to Florida Republican National Committee delegates.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks to Florida Republican National Committee delegates.

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — Rudy Giuliani brought Florida Republican National Convention delegates to their feet with calls for Hillary Clinton‘s imprisonment, but he also had some tough words for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney for not supporting Donald Trump.


At a delegation breakfast outside Cleveland, Giuliani was interrupted with chants of “Lock her up!” after he called Clinton a “criminal” who should be in jail for setting up a private email server as secretary of state and endangering sensitive national security information. FBI Director James Comey called it “extremely careless” but also said Clinton shouldn’t be prosecuted.


In a question-and-answer session after his remarks, Palm Beach County Republican State Committeewoman Cindy Tindell asked Giuliani: “What should we say to leaders of our party, some of whom are former presidential candidates who are well-known to this state, who are supporting ‘Never Trump’ or are not supporting our nominee?”


Replied Giuliani: “How could they possibly want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House?…This is our chance to change the country we love. It’s not about Jeb Bush. It’s not about his ego or whether he feels he was insulted and he may honestly feel that way.”


Giuliani also had choice words for Romney, another prominent Republican who isn’t supporting Trump.


“It’s not about what Mitt Romney feels. I don’ t know what he feels, whatever he feels. I never got much feeling from Mitt to start with. Maybe if we’d gotten a little feeling from Mitt we wouldn’t have Obama.”


Giuliani praised Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Trump cheerleader who will speak to the convention tonight, and Sen. Marco Rubio, a former Trump rival who will appear via video.


“You’ve got a great governor. He’s supporting Donald Trump. Your governor, by the way, doesn’t get the credit he deserves,” Giuliani said.


“You’ve got a great senator and he’s shown that he’s a man that can overcome some of the hurt and some of the disappointment of losing. I had to do that when I supported John McCain (in 2008). That’s part of life, part of being a man, part of being a woman, part of being an adult. So here’s what I would say. It shows that the establishment of the Republican Party is against Donald Trump. Thank God. Because the establishment of the Republican Party hasn’t done much better than the establishment of the Democratic Party.”



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