Alan Grayson, member of Hillary Clinton’s leadership council, endorses Bernie Sanders

Sanders “has defied The Establishment and monied classes who control our rigged political system," says Grayson.

Sanders “has defied The Establishment and monied classes who control our rigged political system,” says Grayson.

U.S. Rep. and Democratic Senate candidate Alan Grayson — who in November signed on as a member of Hillary Clinton‘s “Florida Leadership Council” but later said it didn’t constitute an endorsement — announced today that he’s endorsing Bernie Sanders for president after Sanders got overwhelming support in an online poll on Grayson’s Senate campaign website.

Liberal firebrand Grayson is running against more moderate Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, in the Democratic primary for Senate. Grayson draws much of his support from backers of Sanders, but for most of 2015 he declined to take sides in the race and offered praise for Sanders, Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden. Some of Grayson’s progressive fans were disappointed in November when Grayson joined about 150 other Florida Dems on Clinton’s leadership council.

The Clinton campaign billed the council as “a group of over 150 elected officials, community, coalition and grassroots leaders who will help build a grassroots-driven volunteer team that will help Hillary to win the Florida Primary on March 15th.” But Grayson said his membership on the council did not constitute an endorsement.

Because he’s a member of Congress, Grayson will be a superdelegate to the 2016 Democratic convention and free to support the candidate of his choice. He criticized the superdelegate process as favoring party elites rather than the will of rank-and-file voters.

“Instead of selling my superdelegate vote to the highest bidder — like most members of the unDemocratic party these days — I am offering up my vote to you. You decide: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The choice is, literally, yours,” Grayson said on his campaign website.

The poll got more than 376,000 responses, Grayson’s campaign said, with more than 86 percent supporting Sanders.

“I’ve devoted my political life to bringing the virtues of justice, equality, and peace to as many people as possible, and Bernie’s presidential campaign has drawn millions of people into a movement that’s grounded in those same shared ideals,” Grayson said. “Bernie has defied The Establishment and monied classes who control our rigged political system. That’s why millions of people see that the only way to break this oligarchy is to put Bernie Sanders in the White House. He can bring about the revolutionary change that will reverse income inequality, provide healthcare for all, open the door to debt-free college and protect our environment.”



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